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Staff Nation is Canada's leading event staffing agency.  The agency where the right staff are cast to relevantly and strategically engage the right audience.

We offer unique, talent-oriented, experienced and creative solutions for our clients, with competencies in recruitment, sourcing and hiring of exceptional staff across Canada. We use engaging, relevant and interactive training sessions to harness our talent's diverse skill set and we pride ourselves in being the perfect catalyst when it come to bringing our clients' brands to life!

Our Team

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Actors  | Services

We boast a large roster of accomplished actors, both amateur and professional, whose experience includes: classical live theatre, comedy, drama, improv, commercial, television and film.

Samplings and Tastings

Food  | Services

We cater to a wide range of food-related needs including chefs, sous-chefs, prep staff, serving staff – paired with extensive knowledge in food safety certification by province.

Product Sampling

Product Sampling | Services

Whether it is feet on the street, at a consumer/trade show, restaurant, bar, airport, car show, industry event, etc. we have the right cast for the right role, including brand ambassadors, highly-trained product specialists, and field level tactical support.


Mascots  | Services

It’s a hot and often sweaty job, and takes a special character to do it – but we have Mascots down to a science! Or, if you already have the mascot and are scared to let it loose in front of 100 screaming kids – we have handlers too.


Performers  | Services

It takes an eclectic skillset to juggle the talent that we have collected over the past few years – including but not limited to: fire-breathers, mimes, comedians, musicians, singers, magicians, songwriters, fairy-tellers, stilt walkers, dog trainers – from the sublime to the ridiculous, try us!


Photographer   | Services

Our photo/video team uses their artistic eye to capture the memorable moments of your event. Photographers are available for private parties, high profile events, on-site activations, etc. Whether it is consumer facing or an internal documentary, our skilled team will work with you on your vision and bring it to life!


Automotive  | Services

Staff Nation is driven to deliver the best “G” and “M” class licensed drivers for cars, trucks and motorcycles, along with highly trained Product Specialists, race car drivers /instructors and automotive industry specialists.


Other | Services

Fortune-tellers, stilt walkers, sky troopers, stunt team, dog trainers – from the sublime to the ridiculous and everything in between, try us!

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With confidence, we boast 10 years of experience in sourcing, interviewing & providing contract work to exceptionally talented people across Canada. We train our nation on engagement, through relevant & interactive sessions. We help draw and build up remarkable skill sets. Staff Nation brings client brands to life!

Staff Nation

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Why Staff Nation?

Our approach to managing and motivating our talent roster is reflected in the positive feedback from our clients which we would like to humbly share.